Super Quality Men's Grooming Tool TUXEDO Imported Synthetic Shaving Knot
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Super Quality Men's Grooming Tool TUXEDO Imported Synthetic Shaving Knot

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The Tuxedo Synthetic Shaving Knot is a type of synthetic shaving knot that has become popular among wet shavers. It is named after its distinctive black and white bristles that resemble a Tuxedo. The bristles are made of a blend of synthetic fibres, usually a combination of black and white nylon or polyester. 
  • SVB

  • Phoenix Premium

  • Super Quality

  • Imported PBT Filament

  • 22mm ~ 30mm

  • 51mm ~ 75mm

  • Bulb, Fan, Hybrid

  • Black with white tips

  • Shaving Brush

  • Wholesale

  • 3,000SET

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  • Premium Quality: Our TUXEDO Imported Synthetic Shaving Knots are crafted with the utmost care and precision using high-quality materials. The synthetic fibers used in these knots ensure durability and longevity, providing a superior shaving experience.

  • Exceptional Performance: Designed to deliver exceptional performance, these shaving knots offer excellent water retention and lathering capabilities. They create a rich and luxurious lather, allowing for a smooth and comfortable shave every time.

  • Synthetic Fiber Technology: The TUXEDO Imported Synthetic Shaving Knots utilize advanced synthetic fiber technology, ensuring softness and gentle exfoliation. The knots provide a perfect balance between firmness and flexibility, resulting in an efficient and enjoyable shaving experience.

  • Easy Maintenance: With these shaving knots, maintenance is a breeze. Unlike natural hair knots, they do not require special care or conditioning. Simply rinse them thoroughly after use and allow them to air dry, and they will be ready for your next shave.

  • Versatility: Our TUXEDO Imported Synthetic Shaving Knots are suitable for use with various shaving creams and soaps, making them a versatile choice for any grooming routine. Whether you prefer a traditional wet shave or a modern shaving technique, these knots will meet your needs.

  • Elegant Design: The TUXEDO Imported Synthetic Shaving Knots feature a sleek and elegant design, adding a touch of sophistication to your shaving routine. The black and white color combination exudes a classic and timeless appeal.

Invest in the TUXEDO Imported Synthetic Shaving Knots for a premium shaving experience. With their exceptional quality, performance, and ease of maintenance, these knots are a must-have for every grooming enthusiast.

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